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Lucy Elkins is ride or die. 

I can’t wait until 2015. :(

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abertura A Usurpadora 

Un dia llegare con un disfraz…

The novela that made me love Mexican novelas. 

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Esteban - Escenas Aleatorias

Honestly- I love this character. He’s a man whose done some terrible things but only because he’s driven to madness by love. Not really a devil, not really a saint but somewhere in-between. A “grey” protagonist that we need to see more of in novelas.

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How adorable are these pictures? Very. Very adorable.

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Lucy Elkins | “Working Late A Lot” (1.08)

I can’t help it. I love them…even though I know it’s destined to fail. 

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El verdadero amor es así. Te hace temblar, te hace vivir. Por eso sabes que es verdadero, porque sin el no podrías estar, como yo, que ya no puedo vivir sin ti.


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Hey, Have you kept up with the novela? Its so good. I can't stop watching it. I binged watched it this week because I was behind.

Asked by yamiquetzali

Yes! It’s amazing! I’m hooked on all the “Estecia” love we’re getting. I’m really hoping they don’t turn Esteban into an outright villain, though. Why can’t novelas ever have a ‘grey’ character? What makes Esteban & Acacia so great is that they are not your fairy tale romance.  

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Si Esteban, si siento lo mismo que tu

I cannot even handle how much “Estecia” we were given in the last episode. Fans of this pairing when through a bit of a famine but last night we were treated to a feast. I can’t even count how many times those two made out. The chemistry is ridiculous.

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what's a good novela to watch that is similiar to al diablo con los guapos? i just love watching novelas that are fun are quirky and also for young audience? thanks!

Asked by Anonymous

This is super late….so I apologize. But if you want a similar, fun, quirky novela…I suggest “Hasta El Fin Del Mundo”….especially Alexa y Armando’s storyline.

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So acacia and esteban love eachother right? Im not too great at spanish and i just started watching the show so i'm a bit confused at the moment.

Asked by Anonymous

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The short answer is yes. In these recent episodes Acacia finally admits that she feels the same way about Esteban by understandably she feels a lot of guilt because he is still married to her mother. She tries to pull away but she just ends up giving in. Their chemistry is just off the chain. :) Now, they are secretly making out every chance they get. Esteban tells Acacia he wants to divorce Cristina and run far away with her so they can live out their love. BUT I have a feeling both are going to suffer a lot.

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