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Bomba!: Allison Lozz retires at 17

Its always sad to see a star burn out, even more so when that star is only 17 years old! Allison Lozz of “Al Diablo Con Los Guapos” and “En Nombre Del Amor” has retired from the small screen, forever. At least according to her mother in an interview with TVyNovelas.

Her mother assures us that Lozz’s “retirement” was not in any way coerced. Lozz, a devout Jehovah’s Witness was alledgedly unhappy about roles that conflicted with her religious morality.

 Lozz, one of the hottest young actresses to step on the Televisa lot has turned down various, generous offers from the largest production companies in the United States.

Her mother tells the magazine that Lozz has decided to “spread the word of God” and to aid homeless children in Mexico. In order to support herself, Lozz and her family will open several businesses.

Its all the more unfortunate because Lozz actually does have acting and singing talent. I’m reluctant to believe that Lozz would give up her dream. I understand that she wants to spread the word of God, but I don’t think God has a problem with people who have more than one occupation. Sounds to me like she’s got some over zealous folks who aren’t too happy with her steamy make out sessions on screen. But who am I to judge? If this is really what she wants, its a courageous and honorable decision. But I’m willing to bet she’ll act in some capacity when she is older and can manage both lifestyles.
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